Our Process

At BlueBolt Funding, we truly do things differently.


We shop the rates for your loan so you don’t have to! We utilize the patented Loan Sifter technology to find the best rate for your specific loan parameters from 48 different lenders, while your personal information is kept securely with us.


Your Application is submitted and processed digitally. Credit report is run immediately. Title Report and Escrow Instructions Ordered and Disclosure delivered Same day.


Desktop Underwriting completed same day. If Accept/ Eligible, Financial information Request and GFE sent to escrow for estimated closing statement made same day.


Loan Parameters exported out to Loan Sifter to find the best viable rate and loan program.


And all this done on the first day of your application!


Home Inspection returned and accepted, then the appraisal is ordered same day.


Once inspected by appraiser the report is back in 24 hours. Estimated Closing Statement is sent out for your review. Insurance policy request is made from your insurance agent.


Once Financial Information Request is received or Appraisal report is completed whichever comes last, then your loan is submitted to underwriting.


Underwriting Time…48 hours.


Once Loan Approval is received and conditions requested, conditions are requested from all parties within 2 hours, once conditions are received back from all parties, it is resubmitted within One Hour!


And Loan Documents are available 24 hours later.


Fund next day! Sounds simple, when you’re the best you make it look easy!!!